A (CRM) that will give your business a data capture strategy, that sets out how you collect, manage & use your valuable client data.


The future of client loyalty & staff management is here now with My360Manage, Using best practise Facial Recognition technology.


You have captured your valuable client data, now lets use it, using best practice social media & email marketing that gets results..


Know exactly where every vehicle is, improve productiveness, efficiency & save money with real time tracking.

Open doors with facial recognition.

My360 Access uses facial recognition to open doors with a glance – replacing access cards to deliver the world’s fastest and most convenient access…

Staff Log-on

My360 Shift uses facial recognition to record work hours with a glance – providing the world’s fastest and most accurate time and attendance solution.

Club Loyalty & Goodwill retained

Make Your customers feel special, valued and ‘like a local’. Human nature will then take over – we all like positive experiences

Making office reception easy

See how The My360Office for iPad increases your productivity and efficiency, improves your security and compliance, and impresses your visitors.

Customer loyalty & orders, All with their face..

My360Face is designed for businesses that want to differentiate and grow their business through memorable customer service.

Security for Kids

KNOWING who’s picking up your child everyday…. Lets look after our biggest assets better using facial recognition.

What is My360CRM?

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management,” which is exactly what it

Why do I need a My360CRM?

CRM software is a tool that is used to store all your data points about each individual customer…

What else can My360CRM Do?

With an at-a-glance view of all the contacts in your business based on their stage in your funnel…

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When you really know a face, your business
opportunities are endless

My360CRM offers the fastest, simplest and most accurate business solutions harnessing the latest in facial recognition technology. Whether its improved customer service, increased productivity, deeper data or smarter access and staff management, you will know your business and customers like never before.


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