My360Cafe is designed for retailers that want to differentiate and grow their business through memorable customer service.

My360Cafe mounts next to your Point of Sale solution with both a customer facing promotional display and a staff facing display. As a customer approaches your counter, My360Cafe detects their face using the camera in the promotional display. It then uses facial recognition technology to scan your customer database and, if matched, that customer’s name and regular coffee order is displayed on the screen facing you.

This helps you and your staff quickly learn customer names and orders, process orders more efficiently, and reward your most loyal customers without them carrying cards.

What is My360Cafe?

My360Cafe is designed for Cafe’s that want to differentiate and grow their business through memorable customer service.

KNOW your Customers name and regular order everytime with Personal customer service using facial recognition.
  • Learning large numbers of customer names and orders
  • Loyalty programs that are inefficient and only recognise card carriers
  • Slow order taking leading to queues during peak periods
  • Creating a fun and friendly environment that your customers will return to and recommend to others

My360Cafe is -Memorable Customer Service

Your customers feel special, valued and ‘like a local’. Human nature will then take over – we all like positive experiences – and urge them to return again and again.

You staff will build stronger, more personal connections with your customers. They instantly know who they are, and what they usually buy and can welcome them with the familiarity of a friend.

Every time a customer buys from you, they are automatically applied to the loyalty function, without the need to produce a card (or similar). It allows you to surprise them with a reward, increasing their loyalty even more.

The My360 application has been integrated into a number of POS systems enabling a massive increase in transaction speed with known customers.

In-house specials can be displayed on the customer facing screen.

My360CRM creates a powerful database allowing the goodwill to stay with the café (and not leave with the staff members) adding significant value to your business.

My360Cafe uses facial recognition to record customer names and preferences, providing a card free loyalty program and helping you deliver personalised and efficient customer service.

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