24/7 Gym Access Control

Open your gym doors for longer with My360Gym’s advanced Access Control system, Save time and money with a cost effective door entry system that gives your business the competitive advantage.

Increase your Competitive Advantage with 24/7

  • Make your club irresistible to potential members
  • Extending your open hours will increase your competitive offering – Without the need for more staff
  • Choose whether you offer 24 hour access to everyone, or just selected memberships
  • Specify time restrictions on membership; such as offering cheaper off-peak memberships to relieve the pressure during your busiest times

Fully Integrated into your Database

Being fully integrated into the database, My360Gym’s gym access control system takes automatic actions to make your life easier.

  • Expired memberships are instantly applied to member cards
  • Deny gym access to those who are too far behind on their payments
  • Concession visits are automatically counted against the membership
  • Members visiting for classes are automatically checked into the session upon entry
  • All visits are logged, giving you the opportunity to identify visitation patterns

Alerts and Actions

Set up alerts from the system to show up on your choice of devices within the gym so your staff can customise their service, making members feel more welcome and valued.

  • Provide extra supportive coaching to members who need it the most with alerts set up for when a new or returning member enters your gym.
  • Remind members who have missed a payment by alerting staff’s devices as the member checks in. A gentle verbal reminder in addition to an SMS should encourage them to pay up.
  • Automatically get in contact with clients whose memberships are expiring, to encourage signing up for another term

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