My360Home uses facial recognition to open doors with a glance – replacing keys & security codes to deliver the world’s fastest and most convenient access control solution.

My360Home will also alert you of all people coming and going at your house via email, using the same best practice biometrics.

Biometric access control eliminates the need for keys, access cards or PINs. All that you need is your face, which can’t be lost or left at home.

An image of the face is never stored in the database. Instead, a mathematical representation of the biometric scan is encrypted and stored in the database.

When access is required, the face is scanned and converted to a number that is authenticated against the stored value.

At any time, you can collect and report on a complete audit log of access by time, date or user.

Restrict access to people by day and time.

To maximise security, integrate your biometric access solution with a 3rd party security system.

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