What is My360Kindy?

KNOWING who's picking up your child everyday.... Lets look after our biggest assets better using facial recognition.
  • Learning large numbers of customer names Parents/Guardians
  • People not signing out
  • Manual process
  • hectic queues during peak periods
  • Creating a fun and friendly environment that your Parents/Guardians will return to and recommend to others

My360Kindy is - Security

My360CRM creates a powerful database allowing the goodwill to stay with the café (and not leave with the staff members) adding significant value to your business.

You staff will build stronger, more personal connections with your parents. They instantly know who they are, Their pick up times with the familiarity of a friend.

The My360 application has been integrated into a number of POS and Childcare systems enabling a massive increase in transaction speed with known Parents/Guardians.

In-house events and advertising can be displayed on the customer facing screen.

A quick up date and info on account balance

Security Systems for Your Child Care, Daycare or Preschool

Peace of mind. Safety. Security. You’ll rest assured that your child development center, daycare or similar facility is safe when using child care security products from My360CRM – Kindy.

Secure Parent Check-in – My360Kindy

Be sure only authorized people pick up children from your child-centered business. Procare Touch works with our popular Time and Attendance Tracking Software to accurately record time of children and employees. Authorized check-in is required to gain access to classroom corridors when used with the optional Door Access Control and connected to an electrically operated interior door. View all Check-in Solutions

Front Door Security – My360Access

Designed for exterior doors, the Keyless Entry System provides building security in child care and daycare centers by allowing only authorized persons to access the building. Connect the KES to your computer to monitor who enters the building.


Connect the Door Controller to a check-in computer station (running My360CRM software) and an electric door strike to control interior door access. When a child or employee is checked in, a signal is sent to the door strike allowing entry. The Automatic Door Controller is available directly from My360CRM while the door strike would be obtained and installed by a local security or door company.

My360Kindy Personal customer service using facial recognition.

My360Kindy is designed for all Child care facilities (Small to large) to personalise the entry process as a family / friend enters. No matter which staff memeber is on duty, the sign in process is quick, and the family / friend is greeted by their first name.

My360Kindy uses facial recognition to record customer names and preferences, providing a card free loyalty program and helping you deliver personalised and efficient customer service.

Upcoming Government Changes

The Australian Government will invest around $37 billion on child care support over the next four years. A significant investment of $2.5 billion will be made to support the implementation of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package, which will make our child care system more flexible, more accessible, more affordable and targeted to those that need it most.

From July 2018, there will be significant changes to the way the Federal government funds child care in Australia. A streamlined Child Care Subsidy will roll two payments into one (Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate).

For Service Providers, changes to the approval process, enrolments, compliance requirements and a new IT system to support the change will be introduced.

My360Kindy has been designed with the upcoming changes in mind so you can be ready for the new compliance requirements with the minimum amount of effort’

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