My360Manage - Suite

What’s in a face? Everything.

The Sign-in , Buddy clock, FOB, Swipe or even fingerprint is no longer enough. The future of Customer loyalty and Staff management lies in Facial Recognition technology. Its advantages over other security solutions are profound. Not only is Facial Recognition faster and more accurate, it provides real-time information delivery and can capture data from great distances without alerting or intruding on subjects.

Enjoy the convenience, safety, and security of hands and card free door access.

Eliminate queues and staff frustration with the fastest and most accurate time and attendance solution.

When you really know a face, your business
opportunities are endless

My360Manage offers the fastest, simplest and most accurate business solutions harnessing the latest in facial recognition technology. Whether its improved customer service, increased productivity, deeper data or smarter access, you will know your business and customers like never before.

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