What makes The My360Office for iPad unique?

Custom Buttons and Workflows

Custom Badge Design

Multi-Language Display

Location Management

Two-Way Communication

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The My360Office for iPad Benefits

Eliminate interruptions and free up your front desk staff so you can get more done.

Automated visitor check-in

Unshackle your administrative staff from the front desk so they can engage in more valuable activities.

Delivery management

Instantly connect delivery drivers with recipients or provide drivers with further instructions.

Message forwarding and backup notifications

Forward visitor notifications to a colleague when you’re away, or set up backup notifications so your visitors are never kept waiting.

Active Directory

Add employee contacts to for iPad from your Active Directory to keep your staff contacts current.

Customized visitor experience

Create a unique check-in process for different types of visitors.

Multilingual check-in options

Give your guests the option to display the app in the language of their choice. Our unique language tool is customizable, so we can work with you to display the app in whatever language you choose.

Notifications via email, SMS, and Slack

Automatically notify employees when their visitors arrive via email, SMS and Slack.

Pre-registration and returning visitor recognition

Pre-register expected guests for an expedited check-in process.  For iPad will also save visitor details so frequent visitors don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Improve your building security and compliance

Know who’s in your building at all times and ensure your visitor information is secure.

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