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Comply easily

We Know You Are Busy

Will let you know exactly where every vehicle is. Know when they arrive on site, know when they leave. Know what your drivers are doing. With My360Track you will be across every detail, letting you provide a service to your customers that a larger company can’t match.

Makes legal compliance easy. Manage speeding, driving hours and chain of responsibility. With My360Track you will be protected. Using My360Track shows your customers that safety is covered, and lets you bid on contracts that require GPS monitoring.

My360Track is an Alert Based System. That means you only get the information you need, in a condensed form, so you won’t waste hours looking through pages of data for what you need (we know you don’t have time for that). You also don’t need any new software package or people to manage the system, we do it all for you.

Track People, Vehicles or Assets in Real Time

If it moves, you can track it in real time and locate it instantly from anywhere in the world. Monitor a single vehicle or an entire fleet, make sure executives are protected when travelling and track your inventory as it moves through your supply chain.

Free and Unlimited Lifetime Technical Support

Nothing’s more frustrating than trying to manage your critical business technology via email. We’re open when you are. And when you need answers or support, a My360Track expert is always just a phone call away.

Live GPS Tracking from Your PC, Tablet or Phone

Monitor GPS data from anywhere you are in real time with speed, location and after-hours alerts delivered instantly via text or email. The powerful GPSLive GPS tracking platform is fully mobile-ready, so you can get the answers you need in seconds from any Web-enabled device.

Lower Your Labor Costs and Improve Productivity

It’s no secret that some of your drivers are more productive than others. Hold everyone in your fleet to the same productivity standards and increase every field employee’s value with easy-to-understand driver performance reports.

The Best GPS Geofencing with Instant Alerts

Put the power of GPS geofencing to work for your business. Draw a circle or a polygon around any area you choose, or select advanced route geofencing with fully adjustable buffer zones and instant alerts if your drivers deviate from their scheduled routes.

Extend the Life of Your Fleet

Healthy cars and trucks stay on the road longer. When you track your fleet maintenance information, including miles driven, in one centralized system, you know for sure that all your vehicles are being properly maintained and performing at maximum efficiency.

Monitor Multiple Devices On a Single Platform

Combine any of My360Track’s plug-and-play OBD trackers, personal trackers or hardwired vehicle trackers and view them all on a single dashboard in real time from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

Answers for Your Industry

Check out custom solutions for taxi and limousine fleets, outside sales forces, food and merchandise delivery, uniformed and executive security, event management, courier and messenger services, mobile advertising and more.

Driver Management / Driver ID

With our driver identification system, driver changing vehicles will never lead to an incomplete picture of their driving behaviours thanks to our RFID key fob driver monitoring system. Each driver gets a unique key fob which they will have to scan before journey.

Supercharge Your Response Times

Win clients for life with ultra-fast response times. Real-time GPS tracking and instant vehicle location let you find out immediately who’s closest to the job site so you can dispatch the nearest available driver in seconds.


Track your vehicles in real-time, anywhere in the world using your smartphone.


Shows the trips and routes carried out on any day, up to previous 3 months.


Access summary of all your vehicle, view information, edit and track them.


Displays a list of recent events/alarms with time and location of the event.


“At a glance” dashboard with live speedometer, battery and ignition status.


View the location of your vehicles on the map with the option to change map types.


View your previously set up geofences on your smartphone.


Allows access to various useful map tools such as location search.

Number Field Configuration

  • Currency : AUD
  • Decimal Separator : .
  • Symbol Placement : $1.0
  • Truncate Trailing Zeros : Yes



GPSLive Fleet can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.


GPSLive Fleet can be set to alert you with an e-mail, SMS or notification whenever a vehicle moves.


Better accuracy using the latest global GNSS positioning system that combines GPS+GLONASS+GALILLEO.


View and replay the precise routes taken by your vehicle.


Your smartphone will display a notification whenever GPSLive detects a pre-set event such as speeding.


A geo-fence is a virtual border that you can manually set-up. When your vehicle crosses that border, you are instantly notified.


Reduce Fuel costs and save money by addressing excessive vehicle idling issues by automated alerts and reports.


Get notified instantly if the tracker has been unplugged or has regained power after it has been plugged back in.


You can use GPSLive to monitor and detect out of hours use or unauthorized use.


GPSLive Fleet allows you to monitor your vehicle’s ignition status in real-time.


Make better decisions with extensive vehicle performance and journey reporting with analytics.


Manage your service routine with custom service alerts based on mileage, engine hours or date.